Corporate Support

Mustard Tree plays an important part in being part of the solution for people who are homeless and marginalised; we are able make the connection between those in need and those who give.

Over several years we have made many connections with businesses throughout Greater Manchester and have seen first-hand the transformative power that the business community can bring to individuals and communities through the active discharge of its ‘corporate social responsibility’.

We have developed our Corporate Friends of Mustard Tree strategy and by getting your company involved you can help us to continue to;

  • Deliver 1,700 food parcels in 12 months to people experiencing hunger.
  • Gift 849 furniture packages in 12 months to support individuals and families to set up home.
  • Achieve 160 graduates in 12 months through our life skills and employability programme (Freedom Project), assisting all in finding employment, training or further education opportunities.

Volunteer Day  

A number of practical ways you could support us is by;

  • Helping our retail team in the day to day running of our charity shop
  • Organising a food drive leading up to and creating food parcels on the day you volunteer
  • Serving food at our soup run on a Friday evening
  • Purchasing supplies and materials in order to undertake a specific project eg. upgrading a work area

Whichever activity you choose will add a lot of value to Mustard Tree and we hope will give you a huge amount of satisfaction.

Charity of the Year and Staff Fundraising

If you would like to choose or have already chosen us as your charity of the year, we would love to invite you to Mustard Tree so you can find out more about what we do and talk about ways you can support us.

Work Placements

We coordinate the Freedom Project; a 20 week work readiness and life skills programme aimed at those who have additional barriers to moving on in life, such as homelessness, mental health issues, addiction recovery or a criminal record. We encourage our participants to undertake a 2-4 week work placement at a local business toward the end of their time with us as we hope they will gain practical experience in the industry they wish to work in.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of offering work placements to our participants, please do get in touch.

If you would like to discuss one of these options or have your own idea, please email and someone will get back to you.