Volunteer With Us

People choose to volunteer for many different reasons. For some, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills & knowledge or build confidence to which we run programmes such as the Freedom and Dignity projects to support people in these areas.

For others, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. If you are interested in making a difference to the lives of others, we have 6 volunteering opportunities to choose from:

Skills Mentors 

We are looking for skills mentors to work directly with our clients. Skills focus on employability and supporting volunteers who are actively seeking work. They don’t meet with the same mentee each session, but work with a variety of our volunteers, mainly around our Ready for Work club. For more information on becoming a skills mentor, please email johnny@mustardtree.co.uk

Volunteer Mentors

Mentors work one-to-one with our Freedom Project volunteers, providing ongoing support, guidance and encouragement as they work towards their self-set goals. 

At the moment we have reached our capacity for volunteer mentors, so we are not currently accepting new applications. However, this situation could change at any time, and we would like to keep your details on file if you are happy with this. If so, please email jez@mustardtree.co.uk with your name and a contact number.

Once our circumstances change, we will contact you to let you know that we are accepting applications again, as well as sending you more information and an application form. These applications will then be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

Soup Run Volunteers

Each and every Friday evening between 7-9pm, we invite guests into our Ancoats base where we serve them with a hot and nutritious meal. Typically we serve up to 70 people who live on the streets, in hostels, temporary accommodation or who are simply struggling to survive in their current situations.  

From the Soup Run we are able to signpost to Mustard Tree premises during the week to receive blankets and warm clothes, or to other organisations for advice and support.  Whilst the provision of food and drink is essential, the Soup Runs also offer an opportunity to listen to and befriend those who attend.  

For volunteers who help on the soup runs, it is also a chance for them to express care and support in a practical way to people who often feel marginalised and unappreciated. Many of our soup run clients struggle with mental health issues, addictions or simply loneliness. Mustard Tree is a Manchester City Council approved ‘Street Support Provider’.  

If you are interested in becoming a soup run volunteer, please email janet@mustardtree.co.uk

For the three volunteer opportunities below, please complete a volunteer application form  and send it to the relevant person or department. Once we receive your form, we will be in touch to discuss your application in more detail. 

Retail Assistant

We are looking for dedicated people to support in the day to day running of our charity shops, especially on Saturdays. Jobs would include welcome and advising customers, keeping the shop floor clean and tidy and sorting stock. We are also looking for people who have a creative side and are able to arrange mechanise so they are appealing to our customers!

If you are interested in becoming a retail assistant volunteer, please complete a volunteer application and email it to fiona@mustardtree.co.uk

Warehouse Assistant

We are looking for dedicated people to support in the day to day running of our warehouse. We are looking for people who can assemble and fix furniture, people with great organisational skills and who are able to motivate themselves and others.

If you are interested in becoming a warehouse assistant volunteer, please complete a volunteer application and email it to nick@mustardtree.co.uk

Specialist advice and support

If you have specific skills such as personal assistant experience, fundraising experience, HR experience etc, there may be ways in which you could support Mustard Tree. Please complete a volunteer application and email it to communications@mustardtree.co.uk