Community Garden

People who live or work in Ancoats will be only too aware that it has never had any public green space to speak of, a legacy of its industrial past. Ancoats grew up in the industrial revolution, and was entirely comprised of cotton mills and back-to-back housing for the workers. More recently, alongside its redevelopment, Ancoats has benefited from art-based projects that have drawn on the industrial past to create public spaces, such as the Cutting Room Square on Blossom Street. Mustard Tree has fought hard to play its own part in creating another space within the area, this one focusing on the benefits of plants and greenery.

Situated just behind Mustard Tree’s Ancoats base, the Community Garden has been a labour of love through snow, sun, hail and bitter cold. What was a derelict car park overgrown with weeds and brambles has now been transformed into a peaceful, green and fruitful garden with the help of countless volunteers. Their tireless work has created an oasis for reflection, team building, and relaxed tea breaks.