StandFirm Community Interest Company (CIC) exists to assist the fulfilmentĀ of the goals of the Mustard Tree by providing skills training, work placements and employment opportunities for those facing significant barriers to employment in the Manchester area. We are that part of the Mustard Tree family that acts as a Social Enterprise.

StandFirm has a contract with a subcontractor to Northwards Housing, to provide void clearance services for Northwards empty housing stock; typically, we typically clear between 15 and 20 voids per week. This has further encouraged us to seek an environmentally friendly approach to the bulky waste that we collect, and we have worked very hard to obtain a small warehouse on Poland Street from the Homes and Communities Association (HCA) and are developing this into a 3R Recycling Centre. This will provide a number of opportunities for us to raise funds (which are passed on to the Mustard Tree charity), create a number of jobs, contribute to the increasingly important recycling and environmental agenda and become sustainable.

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