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We work collaboratively with individuals, agencies, businesses and community groups to broker long-term solutions to the poverty and inequality in our city and we are always open to developing more partnerships which we hope will enhance the work we do with those most in need.

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If you would like to discuss one of these options or have your own idea, please email Sophie Appleton, Corporate Partnerships Manager on

Comments from our corporate supporters

Our corporate partners are of immense value to Mustard Tree and we wanted to capture some comments from just a few of our wonderful supporters.



PRP Architects- Ed Cutler

PRP has been a wonderful partner getting involved in a wide range of fundraising and volunteering.

We asked them “What was the best thing you feel you achieved for Mustard Tree?” 

“Being able to provide a work experience for a Freedom Project Volunteer, and offering our on-going support and advice to them in their journey through professional qualifications and finding work.”

It is really important that our partners feel part of the Mustard Tree family so we asked: “Do you feel you have been supported in your efforts by Mustard Tree?”

“Absolutely – we have found Mustard Tree to be very approachable and received a lot of advice on how we can provide practical support to the charity. We had regular contact with the charity and they were always very quick in responding to our communications. It has been a very positive experience, and we hope to keep in touch.”




Hoist finance- Olivia Hall              

Our partnership with Hoist has been brilliant and is continuing from 2017 into 2018.

We asked Hoist Finance, “What has been your favourite memory of working with Mustard Tree”? 

“Their on-going passion is something I always enjoy, and how they always share with us their latest initiatives to get us involved. As our business helps people in financial difficulties it seemed the perfect partnership.”

When asked, “Do you feel you have been supported in your efforts by Mustard Tree”?

“Absolutely, they have been collaborative from the word go and they always involve us in all upcoming initiatives. If we hold any on-site events are they always happy to support to help spread awareness and drive engagement. They make it very easy for us to support them.”



Hurst & Company Accountancy – Lucy McCormick

Hurst has done an exceptional job with fundraising and so we asked:”Can you give some examples of the types of events you have run to raise money?” 

“We have done a Grandnational sweepstake, a “Bounce for charity” event where tickets were sold for entrance to the trampoline park in Wilmslow, which also included a bake sale and raffle tickets. A 350km cycle challenge through Brussels, Holland and France. A Charity football tournament which Mustard Tree also took part in. A Rough sleep out to be of relevance to the cause. A Tuck shop in the Stockport office with all proceeds going towards the Mustard Tree, as well as the Manchester 10k.”

We wanted to ask “Was it was a good experience working with Mustard Tree throughout 2017?” 

“Yes – all the people we liaised with were always very helpful and friendly. Sophie was our main point of contact and she was always very good at suggesting ideas and ways for us to get more engaged with the charity/cause.”




My Home Move  – Rob Gurney

My Home Move is an exceptional partner of Mustard Tree who goes above and beyond with their fundraising efforts. This is our fourth year of working together.

As we have worked together for a number of years, we asked: “What has been your favourite memory of working with Mustard Tree?”

“The level of engagement we have with Mustard Tree allows us to understand just how impactful our support is for the charity. It’s such an amazing and inspiring feeling to know that you are making a real difference to the lives of those relying upon your services. That is what makes us consistently take on challenges to fundraise for Mustard Tree.”

We know fundraising ideas can be tough so we asked, “How has your fundraising been so successful over the last few years?”

  • Payroll Giving Scheme – we have over 50 members of staff opting to have a defined sum of money deducted from their salary each month to donate to our chosen charities.
  • Hot drinks machines – alongside each free-vend coffee machine placed in the offices, we also have a charity machine which serves a superior quality hot drink for 50p. All profits from the machines go straight to our charities.
  • Staff lottery – we run a monthly lottery for staff whereby half the takings fund the prizes and the other half is donated to charity.
  • We hold a Danceathon in our Head Office carpark. 2 hours of Zumba after office hours can generate a lot of participation and people seem more than happy to sponsor the dancers!
  • We hold charity quiz nights in most of our sites – which are easy to organise and well supported. We sell entry tickets and food/drink at the events. They are great fun.
  • Last September, I completed a 1000 mile bike ride from Lands’ End to John O’Groats in 12 days, which raised a huge sum of money for Mustard Tree and other worthwhile charities.
  • More recently, a team of us have pledged our assistance to Mustard Tree for a day to assist in completing the refurbishment of their Ancoats centre.

Corporate Supporters

Focused collaborative working with corporate and business supporters is a significant part of Mustard Tree’s strategy for meeting some of its key objectives. We highly value the relationships that have increased our reach and capacity, recognising that it has to be a two way process adding value to both parties. If you would be interested in supporting us please email and please see our corporate support page for more information on how you can get involved with Mustard Tree.

We would like to acknowledge and thank some of the businesses and groups that we have worked with over the years.

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